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Below are just some of the health benefits that can be obtained doing exercise under the supervision of a fitness instructor.

Weight loss and muscle tone
Increases strength
Lowers blood pressure
Decreases bad cholesterol (LDL)
May help control diabetes
Reduces psychological stress
Raises basal metabolic rate
Increases strength of heart contractions
Reduces resting heart rate
Increases blood vessel size
May reduce the risk of, or reverse, osteoporosis
Decreases risk of heart attack
May reduce risk of stroke
Increases oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
Reduces risk of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
Decreases fatigue
Increases maximal oxygen uptake
Improves self-esteem
Improves ability to sleep
Slows the aging process

- Puerto Rico is one of the top countries with diseases like hypertension, diabetes, coronary disease, obesity (in all ages), cancer and osteoporosis. Almost all of these conditions and diseases can be prevented or decreased by performing exercise.

- Today, all new residential complexes offer a variety of facilities including a fitness center. The residents feel more comfortable having services inside their complex which leads to having more time with their families, less expenses and more interaction with their neighbors.

- By having facilities and services inside the residential complex (like a fitness center) property values increase.